I cannot stand spiders.  I lived in a house that always had spiders in it….big spiders, I think they were Huntsman spiders.  This beauty was on my front door when I was bringing… Continue reading


I love flowers.  I love looking at them, smelling them, and I love the way they make me smile.  I also really enjoy watching the insects that buzz around them :)


I love gardenia!!



I went to NY a couple weeks ago to a baking workshop at Amy’s Breads.  The hotel I stayed in use to be an old paper factory.  I have never stayed in a… Continue reading


This photo concludes my camping adventure at Hunting Island State Park.   It was a tough chose between 2 photos from this day, and this one narrowly won.  This is a flock of… Continue reading


Continuing my camping weekend, here is a crab that was scurrying along as I walked down the beach.  I was able to make slow movements and get pretty close to him.


This was taken at Hunting Island State Park at low tide this past weekend.  The tides change so much in this area that during high tide 100 feet or more of the beach… Continue reading


Sorry to have been away for so long, but I went through some life changes and then…….such tragedy….I didn’t have internet for a few weeks!! Eeek!!  But I am back now and am… Continue reading


A lovely lily