Walking through the neighborhood I came across a bush with these flowers blooming all over it.  Any idea what kind of flower it is?


Went exploring on this day.  I have been to this spot a few times but never took any photos of the view.  Luckily the tide was up!


This little island is very quiet.  There are only 2 houses on it I believe….and TONS of deer.


I really love that new plants are blooming almost everyday.  This is a bottle brush plant.


I am loving all the wisteria everywhere!


I was out walking around the neighborhood in the downtown area this morning.  These were just some tiny flowers growing amongst the grass but I thought they were beautiful.


Saw these beauties as I was walking to my car.


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I normally don’t miss home too much….until I go for a visit!! I miss the French Quarter and all its quirky people!