A little portrait photography

I love photographing this precious boy.  He is my soon-to-be step son and i adore him.  The lighting couldn’t have been more perfect in this photograph.  I didn’t take it with the intention… Continue reading

Masaai Life

While in Tanzania Africa, we spent some time with a Masaai Tribe, photo documenting their daily lives.  We spent the night in one of there bomas, we woke with them and followed them… Continue reading


We visited a school in a Maasai tribe village.  The children wear uniforms but as soon as school is out and they walk over to their bomas, they change into regular tribe attire.… Continue reading


I took much better photos this day, but I chose to post this one because everyone we encountered on this African trip had no idea what sunglasses were.  I was constantly stopped and… Continue reading


One of the very first projects we did in Tanzania was to teach photography basics to girls at the Mkombozi Vocational School.  These girls are underprivileged and poor, as is the school.  We… Continue reading


speaks for itself lol


I spent almost 2 wonderful weeks with The Giving Lens in Tanzania Africa last month.  The first place we visited was a vocational school called Mkombozi.  We visited with the students and paired… Continue reading


A little urban photography.  I haven’t been posting much as I prepare for my upcoming, once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa.  But when I get back you can bet I will have tons of photos… Continue reading


As much as I hate spiders, I have to admit, I like garden spiders.  I had a very nice butterfly garden at a previous home and one of the coolest garden spiders I… Continue reading


I think this is probably one of the best photos I have ever taken.  It was pretty windy this day so  I was shooting and just hoping for the best.  Looks like I… Continue reading